Avant garde 2020


Home is a shelter, a place, a person. It's a warm hug, a word, a closeness ... it's silence. We find and lose our home, we protect it and we never leave it. It is what we unconstitutionally seek and build.

The inspirations for the piece are New York Broadway clubs and Anja's teenage years when listened Pussycat Dolls on the CD player. The choreography was created outside the framework of the choreographer in order to create an amazing show. There are 15 female dancers on stage, showing femininity in different ways; from softness to sharpness.

The piece will take you in to the world of entertainment with a surge of striking male energy. You will experience contrasts of rough, warlike, and playful and light-hearted feelings. The dancers represent a quality range offered by Slovenian male dance scene when they join forces.

The piece stems from the fact that the expression of happiness is primarily always manifested through dance. The main goal is to bring this form of entertainment closer to people of different generations through the intertwining of two dance styles: AfroBeats fusion and New age Hip Hop.

The piece touches on the troubled society in which we seem to live. It speaks more specifically about freedom of the individual and his being in a (seemingly free) system. In what way his identity and authenticity lose meaning through the rules and expectations of others. Losing himself because of patterns and pressure. In the process of creating the piece, the choreographers sought the uniqueness of each individual on stage and show how exactly this is the solution to all the alienation we can feel in society today.

The piece is about the individual and about relationships - friendships and romance. Throughout life, we build a network of relationships that consciously or unconsciously, strongly influence life. People who have been with us through our entire life and those who are with us only for a short period of time, leave a mark on us, they shape and (co)create us. No one can go through life alone, so let’s be thankful for everyone that intertwined with our path.

What do you first notice about a person? Do you really see them? Do you know them whole, even though you've been with him your whole life? Do you really know its essence? Exploring the depths of the human mind and society's attitude towards the diversity of each individuals are the main guides of Leja's piece. Its goal is to arouse emotions in the viewer, or at least to solidify them one thought. Whatever separates us as individuals also unites us on the path to the pursuit of happiness.

Fear is a feeling that everyone has to deal with, whether they are ready for it or not. Fear will be fear and our lives are fundamentally shaped by different fears. We can't escape from experiencing fear and pain. But no matter how people deal with it, on in the end we all overcome our fears.

The choreographer created a piece with an emphasis on femininity and her power intertwined with masculine energy that eventually merges into a common explosion of emotion and fun.

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